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Monday, March 28, 2011

Wake up call!

Wow. Okay. So, I recently hosted a party for my sister...and she just recently posted pictures from it, and there is one picture that gave me a huge wake up call.

Wow. I had no idea I looked that big. That's crazy. It really was a wake up call that I NEED to lose weight before it gets worse! I have set a goal ... since me and brendan are going away from my 25th birthday ... I want to feel good about myself and how I look ... soo I am starting a diet plan and working out everyday! I have also started an account with, which is a great website and I totally recommend it. I am really serious this time ... I really was not aware of how bad I looked. This has to change. I will admit the past week or so have been EXTREMELY stressful and I've kinda been like "oh f*ck it" kinda eating, which is not helping. I think you know its pretty bad when you don't even want to put jeans on anymore because they make you look 5 months pregnant...

I am still measuring the same so I am not going to take pics this week, but I will next week. I don't have a scale either but I am sure I am not under 150 .. could def be over though :/ I'll def invest in a scale soon

Well here I go, naptime is in a half, shower, laundry all before the kids wake up! Iam ready to for into jeans again :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Have we met?

Woo. It's been a while. I apologize. I don't know what's up but I've just had no urge to blog .. well I did ... but I was too lazy to do so. A lot has been going on in the mystical Pavich world.

Braeden got approved for his services! Which is awesome, awesome news! He's getting behavioral services, he's not autistic, doesn't have any speech or OT issues, it's just his behaviors, which is what we all suspected. Braeden's teachers were concerned that since he didn't have anything really serious that they would limit his services to only 2 hours .. which means he would only attend school for 2 hours, but thankfully the committee agreed that changing Braeden to 2 hours from his current 4 hours would not benefit him at all. He will also get bussing, which is awesome news also, they come right to the house pick him up and drop him off! The only "bad" thing about his services is that he will have to change classes. His current teacher has the maximum amount of IEP kids in her class so he need to be moved to another class, down the hall. But, he's already been meeting with that teacher and classmates and he seems to like them! I am very happy, I think that this will all really help him out and maybe next year he won't even need services!

I have also started DRIVING LESSONS [gasp]. I've done 2 lessons so far and it's  been going good! I am not as nervous or scared as I thought I would be! I drove on REAL roads, like busy roads, changed lanes, did rolling turns, all the junk and I did really good!! My instructor, Tony, is so so nice, he is actually the teacher for the driving instructors and usually does not deal with students, BUT he was the guy I talked to when I made my first appointment and I told him how I have 3 kids and don't drive and blah blah ... well come the day of my lessons the original driving instructor got sick and couldn't make it, so Tony came - he told me that he knew if the lessons got cancelled that I would never get my license ... which is pretty true lol I just signed up for 6 more lessons and for them to take me to my road test!! Super excited. I can not wait to take the kiddies out and not be stuck in the house all the time!! :)

I turn 25 a month from monday! 25! Brendan and I are TRYING to plan a trip to Universal Studios for the weekend of my birthday [ no kiddies ] - although it has come to my attention that is expensive as shit to go to anything related to Disney World. Hopefully we can find a deal that works for us soon ... cause we both REALLY need to get away and since I am not into the whole partying, clubs, drinking crap . ..going to Universal Studios and seeing the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a great way to spend my 25th birthday.. yea I might be a dork, but I am okay with that.

My irish boys! 

Alright, well I've updated! Since I don't want to quit ... I will continue my 30 day challenge from here on.... think I can do it? hahah

Day 17: A picture of something that has made a huge impact of your life lately

Driving Lessons
So, I used to be TERRIFIED of driving, or even the thought of driving! BUT, after my last lesson, I drove .. for a hour .. in real traffic and I was fine, everything was fine! It really made a huge impact on me and made me realize, I can do it, I can get my license and be more independent, I don't have to be so scared! I am very excited to get my license! :)